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Harry Carpenter
Dec 25, 2017

[Woah] Apple have admitted they're slowing down the iPhone!


Ooooooh baby I can already hear the sirens and the lawyers talking! This is gonna be one expensive holiday season for Apple!


All jokes aside, we still do not know if this is actually Apple trying to boost sales for their newest iPhone's or if it is in fact to 'help boost performance'.


People who owned iPhone 6, 6s, and 6s Plus devices complained earlier this year that they were spontaneously shutting down, even though they had sufficient battery. This was usually happening during “peak current demands,” when you’d be doing something on your phone that required a burst of power — like in the middle of a game, or downloading an app.

Those users had to plug in and recharge their phones in order to get them back online.


Apple acknowledged the bug and introduced a fix in an update to its operating system software, iOS 10.2.1, which the company said would largely remedy the issue. Phones no longer shut down, but, according to users, they did slow down.


Then, last week, a Reddit post "blew up" that suggested the iPhone battery might be to blame for these slowness problems.


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