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Ozone is a IT Management, Software Development and Virtual Reality Company

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ABN: 64 684 537 404 


From mobile applications to websites, with C# all the way to HTML 5, 

we can help you build your dreams! 

Website Design

At Ozone we use industry leading website and graphics development applications such as Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver to create your optimal website. 

We believe that the key to a successful design is held within the eye of both the visionary and the designer. Thus we will work closely with you, the visionary in order to create the website of your dreams.

To find out more about what we can do for you, just use the contact form below!




In our modern, technology driven society, nothing is more important than how your customers see you. 


Why Ozone?

At Ozone, we strive to make the user experience for your business flawless and streamlined. With a plethora of programming languages and environments under our belt, we can create the application of your dreams, to drive your business further and higher. 

What type of apps can we make?

From Desktop to Mobile, we can make the application of your dreams. 



What we do for others



Get notified about the latest trending shoes worldwide! From Yeezys to NMD's - SneaksNotify has you covered! Try it today!

With close communication with Sneaks Notify, Ozone was able to create a service that provides users with real-time updates on the latest sneakers, their release dates and where to buy them! 

With full SQL database integration, user accounts, notification preferences and multiple crawler bots to speed up this system, Sneaks Notify is one of the fastest and one of the greatest notification services around.

What we did

In order to deliver SneaksNotify's dream application we used Microsoft Visual Studio along with C# and AWS Database Integration. Using this allowed us to create a Desktop Application to allow users to manage their preferences and use the SneaksNotify service the way they want to. 

We used OLEDB Database Communication to verify the Users login and allow them to modify their preferences on what they want to be notified about.

To create the User Interface for the SneaksNotify Desktop App we used C# along with XAML to provide it with a clean and elegant UI which allows for easy navigation for the user along with optimised performance and ergonomics. 


Western Australia

          Apiarists' Society

The Western Australian Apiarists’ Society (WAAS) is an incorporated not for profit association whose members are beekeepers and people simply interested in bees. 

WAAS provides training courses for members for an additional cost and the opportunity for members to subsequently gain practice in working with bees in its apiary of ten hives in Kensington.

WAAS also supports a network of bee buddy groups, which enable members to meet informally to learn and help each other and of course to enjoy each others company.

What we do FOR WAAS

With close communication with the Western Australia Apiarists' Society, here at Ozone, we have helped integrate and develop new IT Systems to allow for smoother workflow and greater reliability.

We revamped their entire website using CSS, JavaScript and HTML5, creating a refreshing new look. With a new website, also came custom email address and an efficient file sharing and collation system to allow WAAS to easily share and collaborate.

By providing WAAS routine IT Maintenance and further management, we continue to improve their IT Systems and implement new features to make life easier for everyone.


Start your dreams today!




Western Australia Apiarists' Society