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Ozone is a IT Management, Software Development and Virtual Reality Company

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So you're developing your property, doing renovations to your workplace or installing new machinery and you do not know how it will look or if it will fit?

Luckily at Ozone we can help visualise this for you.


By using 3D Computer Assisted Design Software such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max, VRed and Unreal Engine and HTC Vive's latest technology we can give you a fully un-tethered look at your future design.

How we do it


We start with 2D Blueprints

Using 2D Drawings of the architecture that you would like to be brought into 3D Virtual Reality, we can create a Mock-Up within a 3D Sandbox in order for a preliminary visualistion of your environment. 

We then proceed to do spacial checking in the sandbox to make sure everything is accurate to the millimeter so that you get the most precise Architectural Visualisation possible. 


Polish it off

Your 3D Environment is looking true to life, although it needs more. 

Now we add interactive portions of the design, from doors that open to machines that operate. We can add automatic folding or sliding doors, lifts, escalators, televisions, lighting features, or whatever your design requires.

Whatever we can add to your design to make it even more realistic we shall. 


Building it

Next, we take that 2D Drawing of the design and extrude it into 3D Space, allowing for a realistic view of your layout. We extrude everything to your specification, all walls, ceilings and windows.

We then texture everything to how you want it. From plaster walls to marble floors, you can get the feel that you desire. We also place whatever furnishings, equipment and machinery you want in your environment, so you can see what it would look like in real life.


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